Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some Stuff You Should Know About Windows XP - Part1

In this article we will discover some secrets about Windows XP. I believe most of you know some of these stuff or even all of it but I think it's very useful to know it anyway. If you have any new stuff just send it to me and I will add it in a new post.

1 - Rename Folders or/and Files in one step

a-Select all the Folders and Files that you want to rename them.
b-Press right click on the first Folder or file and choose Rename then rename it with any name for example "MyDoc".
c-Now Windows XP will rename the rest of the Folders and files automatically.
d-The name of the Folders and Files will be like this (MyDoc1,MyDoc2,...)

2 - Bigger size for Thumbnails

When you set the View of any folder to Thumbnails, the names of the files appear underneath it. You can show the files without their names underneath it, just press the Shift key and hold while you open the folder which contains the Thumbnails files.

3 - Get rid of "Thumbs.db" files

When you open a Folder with Thumbnails View Windows XP create a file named Thumbs.db, which contains some information about the folder, in order to accelerate the performance next time you open the Folder.

If you want to make Windows XP to stop creating these files do the following:

a-Open My Computer.
b-From Tools choose Folder Options.
c-Choose View Tab.
d-Advanced Settings -> Files and Folders -> Do Not Cache Thumbnails.
check it and press OK, this would prevent Windows XP from creating the Thumbs.db files again.

4 - Choose the Details of the Details

When you choose to show a Folder with Details View, you can specify which details to show and which to hide. To do so go to View and click on Choose Details.

5 - More Windows Components

For unknown reason Windows XP hides some of the Windows Components, in the Add/Remove Program.
To show all the Windows Components go to Windows Folder then open Inf Folder.

Look for sysoc.inf file open it and delete the word Hide from it save it then go to Control Panel open Add/Remove Programs then click on Add/Remove Windows Components.

Now you can see there are some new components you can see.

Please visit my Blog frequently to see Part 2.

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